Is there value in knowing what architect designed my house?

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Who designed my house? Knowing who the architect designed my house gives you a lot of opportunities to increase the value of your home. A realtor who lists a house as an "Eichler designed house" or "a home by by mid century modern architect John Anshen" or "Frank Llyod Wright home" rather than "a 2 bedroom 2 bath home" will probably greatly increase the value of the home plus sell it faster and to a buyer who is dedicated to maintaining the design of the home. Even if the name of the architect who designed my house may be nationally known it will peak peoples interest when they are considering buying the home.

But, setting aside the fact that knowing who designed my house will increase the value of your home, having that knowledge can be a rewarding adventure into the history and theories of that particular designer or architect. Perhaps you will learn about how the home was designed after the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. Was it Julia Morgan who built, repaired or remodeled the home? Was it some undiscovered architect at the time? What was the neighborhood like?

Plus, by knowing who the architect was who designed your house, you can either hire them or another designer who understands the architect’s theories to remodel your home. You may also have the opportunity to hire a student of the architect you designed your home. For instance, there are a number of architects or designers who studied under Frank Lloyd Wright, Bernard Maybeck, or Louis Kahn all notable architects of their time. You will become endeared to the town where the designed home was built. For instance, in Sausalito California if you have a Corbett designed home, or a Thurber designed home, or a Plant designed and built home, and you keep it designed in character with the original architects theories and wishes, the town will most likely support you in your projects.

You may be frightened that having, for example, an Eichler home ( famous mid-century modern architect) you will be restricted in how you can remodel or expand the home. This is not the typical case. Bringing, for example, and Eichler home to current construction standards can give you the opportunity to expand or remodel the house keeping it in character with his modern design ideas (not changing it to, for example, a Craftsman style home).

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